Global Wealth Management

Carefully informed insight and planning lie at the heart of our approach to providing wealth advice. Our four step Wealth Management framework is the foundation on which a client's Wealth Plan is developed.

A Wealth Plan provides invaluable intelligence. By starting with a detailed examination of a client's profile, including needs, ambitions and views on risk, we then develop a complete personalised wealth plan that is aligned to a client’s unique risk profile.

A World of Choices


  • Mutual Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Commodity Funds
  • Real Estate Funds

Fixed Income

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Dual currency Deposits
  • Bonds / Sukuks
  • Perpetuals

Structured Solutions

  • Capital Guarantee Notes
  • Coupon paying Notes
  • Equity participation Notes
  • Commodity Notes
  • Private Equity Notes

Investment Flexibility

  • Lump sum investment
  • Monthly savings
  • Insurance


  • US/Europe
  • Asia
  • GCC
  • India & China
  • Other Emerging Markets

Time Horizon

  • Short Term (up to 1 year)
  • Medium Term (1-5 years)
  • Long Term (> 5 years)

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