NBAD Academy

NBAD operates two state-of-the-art facilities completely outfitted to serve as training and educational centres. We deliver a world-class program to employees at every level to develop skills and provide opportunities to advance their skills.

NBAD Academy

We assist by developing the right skills to perform job roles to an excellent standard and support career progression.

Talent Management

The Academy’s aim is to continuously develop the skills of our banking staff

for their own professional journey, and to ensure we can continually meet and exceed the changing needs of our customers in every sector.

We do this by providing support to all employees, identifying and developing talent for the bank and individual's benefit. We assist managers and staff to achieve a successful careers, with annual performance reviews, implementing plans to retain and develop employees, supporting employees as they study for professional, business and banking certifications and qualifications and providing clear career paths and information about what skills, knowledge, and experience are required to progress.

Al Manara

Al Manara is a program designed to ensure best quality service is delivered

to our customers. Bank representatives spend a number of hours every year at the Academy to learn and earn a customer service certificate.

Al Manara represents a significant investment in our consumer banking staff (including UAE nationals and expats) and aims to continually improve customer and employee experience.

It does this by: Establishing quality standards of technical knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour. Ensuring high levels of product and service knowledge and understanding, to meet the competency profile of respective roles. Guaranteeing compliance to international standards of banking. Support the Emiratisation initiative by developing high-potential UAE nationals.

Executive Leadership

The Academy offers executive leadership development programs.

We provide opportunities to grow our future leaders and develop our existing leadership team.

We do this by: Developing new leaders with a modular, highly interactive learning experience, supported with personal coaching. A Lead Successful Change initiative, designed to help leaders deliver change more effectively in their areas of our business. One-to-one coaching, providing an opportunity for participants to work with an experienced coach.

Individual Development

We support our people in managing their individual performance in different ways. See what we do.

Personal effectiveness skills development programs, including maximising your time, communication and interpersonal skills, presentation skills and career planning workshops to support participants by giving staff skills to actively contribute in career planning with their managers. Encouraging staff to take responsibility for the development of their careers in the way that best suits their individual needs. Our IDEAS program which supports senior leaders in developing a clear and integrated business and personal vision. Project Management Training helps managers understand the use of project management, project life cycle roles and responsibilities for strategic projects.

Learning Styles

NBAD invests in professional development. Line managers and individual learners can ensure a return on their time

and investment in resources, enhancing skills, knowledge and performance.
NBAD invests in professional development. Line managers and individual learners can ensure a return on their time and investment in resources, enhancing skills, knowledge and performance. This includes: on the job learning - coaching with a line manger or other colleagues, working on specific projects to learn new skills and knowledge and shadowing team members. Learning outside of the daily role is delivered through classroom-based courses, which may be offered internally through Academy, externally through NBAD-approved vendors, or via an education and qualifications assistance scheme.