About NBAD

About NBAD

NBAD is the leading bank in the Middle East and one of the safest banks in the world. Our roots in Abu Dhabi give us a deep understanding of the dynamics of the Arab region and its connection to the world’s markets. And we aim to become the number one bank for anyone who wants to do business along the West-East Corridor.

We take a long term view and we want our customers to be with us for a long time, advising them in the biggest corporate deals and the smallest personal transactions, side by side in good times and bad. We are always seeking to raise the bar, to set new standards of governance and integrity, expand internationally and compete at the highest levels.

We are an integral part of the UAE’s past and are playing a crucial role in its future. We are proud of our role in the society: from helping people manage their money to facilitating trade and investment. We take capital from today and deploy it effectively for tomorrow. So, we are well placed to provide sustainable livelihoods and ensure a healthy environment for the next generation.


Our Heritage

NBAD is rich in heritage. The Bank was founded in 1968 by a decree of the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE.

Strongest combined ratings

NBAD is rated senior long/short term AA-/A-1+ by S&P, Aa3/P1 by Moody’s, AA-/F1+ by Fitch, A+ by R&I Japan and AAA by RAM Malaysia, giving it one of the strongest combined rating of any global financial institution.

We are among the World's Safest Banks

Since 2009, NBAD has been ranked one of the World's 50 Safest Banks by Global Finance magazine, which also ranked NBAD the Safest Bank in the Emerging Markets and Middle East.

NBAD became a public joint stock company in 2000

When the Abu Dhabi Stock Market was founded, we originated nearly 30% of its shares.

NBAD is in 17 countries across five continents

NBAD opened its first overseas branch in Egypt in 1975, followed by further expansion into Sudan and Oman the following year. Before the decade closed, NBAD had opened branches in the UK and France and commenced its American operations in Washington, D.C. The Hong Kong office was established in 2009 with Malaysia and South America added in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Today, NBAD has a global presence in 17 countries and overseas territories, spanning five continents: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Oman, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, France, Switzerland, the UK, USA and Brazil.

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