MoF Launches eD-Mobile/Wallet applications for smart mobile payments

The Ministry of Finance – MoF – has today announced the launch of the eD-Mobile/Wallet applications, a step that comes in tandem with the UAE orientation to complete the national plan of transformation to electronic and smart government. eD-Mobile/Wallet are secure applications for smart phones that enable eDirham customers to use auxiliary and stored value amounts for making payment transactions, without having to physically produce any card.

eD-Mobile/Wallet applications enable making of electronic payment for services via the internet and mobile phones, which is one of the major services that electronic and smart government provide. The applications are secured, convenient, easy to use, fast and an effective means of payment that come with a user-friendly interface.

eD-Mobile provides a list of features that allow eDirham registered users to inquire and pay for governmental services; generate eD-Wallet Token IDs (Tokenization); get eDirham card mini- statements and check card balances; add credit, prepaid and direct debit bank cards; access the audit trail, reports, feedback and data; alongside other support features like getting information on eDirham outlet locations and downloading content from the eDirham website.

eD-Wallet is a virtual wallet that has various funding sources to be used for payment transactions. The payment through eD-Wallet is processed by using a Wallet ID and Card Pass-code without exposing card details to any merchant. This gives maximum protection to the card holder, as details of the card are not disclosed to the merchant/service provider. That is besides flexibility and ease of payment features.

His Excellency Saeed Rashid AlYateem, Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Budget Sector, Ministry of Finance (MoF) said: “Mobile payments are experiencing a fast-paced growth nowadays, and our launch today of eD-Mobile/Wallet applications is another milestone in the continuous rally to keep up with the latest technologies, in order to provide eDirham system users with a variety of feasible and convenient channels”.

“The smart eDirham mobile applications will be considered the primary consolidated payment service of all federal government service fees in the near future, where the users can request and review any of the government services that concern them, complete the service application and make the required payment. The payment process is now available through a variety of means including eD-Wallet”, HE AlYateem added.

Saif Al Shehhi, Director General, Executive Government Relations and UAE VIP customers at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), said that: “NBAD is eager in strengthening its partnership with the MoF to ever upgrade the eDirham system, and here it comes - the launch of eD-Mobile/Wallet, which is a secure and easy to use application for smart payment.”
“eD-Mobile/Wallet applications users can use the available wallet-stored amount balance or add eDirham and non-eDirham cards into an auxiliary account in order to use it along with the wallet for payments at any of eDirham points-of-sale (POS), other outlets or merchants; aside from that it can be used in e-commerce transactions.”

eD-Wallet can be used at all eDirham merchant outlets such as POS, eD-kiosks, online and mobile to pay for services at the ministries and federal authorities, local government entities in the emirates, as well as at private companies and merchants as well.

The eD-Mobile/Wallet applications provide advanced payment characteristics and features, using the latest means of communications technology and security standards, likewise the token currency service (Tokenization), in addition to supporting non-touch payment via the digital wallet and token barcode.

Tokenization enables eD-Mobile/Wallet users to generate multiple tokens from the wallet balance, each with a certain fixed amount that can be used for a payment transaction at a different merchant or service provider.

The eD-Mobile/Wallet applications are available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms and it can be used with no or partial registration, or users can register their data in full to access more of the eD-Mobile/Wallet applications features and services.

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