Ministry of Finance Launches eD-Voucher

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has today launched eDirham Voucher (eD-Voucher), in order to provide the clients with a more convenient and efficient way of making payments for public services, through different platforms and channels that use the latest technologies.

eD-Voucher is a means of payment consisting of pre-paid paper receipts acceptable at all eDirham system channels, including EFT Points of Sale POS, self-service eD-Kiosks, electronic payment, mobile payment, among others.

HE Saeed Al Yateem, Assistant Undersecretary for Budgeting and Finance at the MoF, said: “The launch of eD-Voucher is is going to broaden eDirham beneficent clients base by enabling non-eDirham card holders or those who don’t need to keep the cards permanently, of making payment for services through the system.”

He added: “eD-Voucher is an affordable low cost choice as an alternative to standard eDirham pre-paid ‘Al Haslah’ cards, which makes it a distinguished payment method to serve customers seeking to make a one-time payment transaction for certain low-amounted services, instead of buying eDirham pre-paid cards that they might not use again. These customers can now opt for buying eD-Voucher to pay for services either at one of eDirham Points of Sale or over the Internet or through the mobile.”

HE AlYateem noted that eD-Vouchers are user friendly, and users can get them at any of the approved eDirham system distribution outlets.

Saif Al Shehi, Senior Managing Director - UAE Government & VVIP Clients at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), said: “NBAD is committed to enhancing its strategic partnership with the Ministry of Finance in eDirham systems’ framework. The launch of eD-Voucher is a qualitative leap that contributes to enhance the scope of availing eDirham for use as a secured and reliable means of payment. eD-Voucher can help service providers in different scenarios that require clients who do not hold eDirham pre-paid cards and want to benefit from the system, to pay for services or to buy an item in an effective manner”.

He added: “Likewise other smart eDirham service applications, the eD-Voucher solution console on the Internet will enable concerned parties to manage, configure and view reports relevant to eD-Vouchers issued.”

eD-Vouchers will be available in different denominations and the maximum transaction value of one voucher should not exceed AED 500.

Beside handling the distribution and dispensing of electronic vouchers, eD-Voucher console is designed to securely store and transmit sensitive data throughout the whole distribution cycle.

The distribution cycle includes four main parties: the Provider who provides the eD-Vouchers; the Distributor and Sub-Distributors who assist the Provider in distributing the eD-Vouchers; and the Service Providers who dispense them to end-users.

eD-Voucher paper receipts will be available for immediate distribution to end users who want them at all eDirham system network terminals.

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