NBAD Securities #1 Brokerage in the UAE

NBAD Securities, a subsidiary of National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), closed the year 2015 as the #1 broker in the combined ADX and DFM markets in terms of traded value, exceeding 40 billion dirhams. While overall UAE markets traded values have dropped by over 60% compared to 2014, NBADS managed to maintain its UAE market share of about 9.5%, due to a strategy of diversification and customised research services.

In 2015, NBADS executed the largest single transaction in ADX history with value exceeding AED1.6 billion.

Mohammed Ali Yasin, Managing Director- Head of NBAD Securities, said “This is an amazing achievement which reflects all the hard work the team has put in over the past three years. We were able to maintain our market share during a period in which the overall market decreased.”

Three years ago, NBAD Securities undertook a plan to restructure its business, strengthen its team and diversify its revenue streams by attracting a larger portion of institutional clients. While institutions at that time represented less than 10% of the business as compared to 75% for high net-worth individuals, the bank’s brokerage subsidiary managed to increase the institutional share of the business to 33% and become a major revenue contributor.

Mr. Yasin added: “In periods of higher market volatility and risk, investors look for credible long term partners to trade with. NBAD Securities, in addition to being a pioneer in the UAE capital markets, was able to build on the NBAD group history and strength as the World’s Safest Bank in Emerging Markets. We continue to gain the trust of all types of clients, and we always rank as one of the top brokerage companies to work with in the UAE markets.”

NBAD Securities also developed stronger and customised research services to offer more insightful views into clients’ investment needs.

Concerning the market, Mr. Yasin said: “2016 looks to be challenging, and in some aspects we believe the first half of the year could be more difficult than 2015 due to macro factors, such as low oil prices, volatility of international markets and geopolitical issues. However, NBAD Securities plans to capitalise on this challenging environment to further strengthen our offering, providing interesting diversified products to cover wider regional markets, and benefiting from regional opportunities as they present themselves. While other brokerage companies may experience difficulties during challenging times, we will ensure that we are closer to our clients in order to minimize potential negative effects on their investments. Through it all, NBADS will continue to be a strong and reliable partner.”

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