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The great growth region of the world stretches from West Africa to East Asia. At NBAD, we call this the West-East Corridor – and Abu Dhabi is strategically located in the centre of that activity.

The West-East Corridor is characterised by an expansion of private enterprise and increased capital flows which are accelerating the economies of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The rising population will drive demand for energy, water, food and other commodities. The increasing prosperity and aspirations of a new middle class will become an ever more powerful force. The new mega-cities of the world will be concentrated along this Corridor, generating enormous commercial activity and business opportunities.

Asia’s increased industrial capacity and financial strength assures its growing influence on the global agenda; the Middle East’s development is underpinned by the continued demand for energy; and the African continent provides the potential for increased agricultural production. The interdependence of this new super-region is building greater political connectivity and economic momentum.

In NBAD, we’re expanding our footprint in key commercial hubs across the West-East Corridor, supporting our customers as they expand, facilitating trade and investment, and contributing to the sustainable growth of economies. Over the coming years, we aim to be the number one bank for anyone wanting to do business in the region.


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