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About Us

Environmentally Smarter

Responsible procurement, operations and facilities management

We do not compromise the environment in pursuit of profit, and are committed to reducing our own impacts through responsible procurement, operations and facilities management. Water use and waste is a priority for us, not only because much of fresh water supplies across the world are under significant stress, but also because the majority of the water in the GCC is desalinated. We have spent significant time to overcome the challenges of collecting and recording our water and energy usage to ensure that our measurement is robust and as accurate as possible. 

We are examining our fuel use and GHG emissions from our car fleet and business travel, the levels of our paper consumption and the footprint of the courier service.

We took a significant step towards sustainable buildings by committing to constructing all our new buildings to a minimum of ‘Pearl 3’, wherever possible. The Pearl Rating System is the Abu Dhabi sustainable building system from Estidama, and we aim to implement this standard beyond the borders of Abu Dhabi as well.

Moving towards greener products

We have begun to introduce biodegradable credit and debit cards; we have three solar-powered ATMs up and running and we have chosen EWS-WWF to be a credit card redemption partner as a result of the environmental interest of school children during development of our GEMS card.

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