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Sustainability Letter - 27 September 2016.

"I once attended a sustainability related event where a speaker of some repute gave an interesting speech that pretty much said that if we wanted to resolve the global issue of trying to get everyone to a decent standard of living - he called it the ‘flat-screen’ lifestyle - we would be most effective if we brought the leading global supply-chain experts together to come up with the solution. This has stuck with me (...)"

Belinda Scott, Head of Citizenship and Corporate Sustainability

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We believe that it is imperative for us to address sustainability challenges in our own way and adopt innovative models to ensure that we focus on the issues that, whilst having global significance, are regionally relevant and can be addressed locally. Significantly, in 2015 we launched a strategic approach to citizenship to take on two key ambitions which we consider to be the most pressing issues where we believe we can make an effective contribution.

From an environmental perspective, we are taking a leading role in new energy solutions, by exploring and understanding how the financial sector can shape a more sustainable future. With the conclusion of the COP21 climate agreement in Paris this year, the world has acknowledged that there is a real and urgent need to address climate change. Nations across the MENA region have signed up to COP21, and there have been a number of high-profile clean energy commitments from governments in the region in the past 12 months.

In terms of the social and economic aspects of sustainability, we have identified an urgency and growing need to develop a thriving and prosperous SME sector in the UAE. We know that job creation supports economic growth and contributes to the diversification and resilience of the economy. We have a made commitment to support the growth of the UAE’s SME sector, as we believe that SMEs are powerful engines of wealth generation and sustainable livelihoods.

We also continue to focus on ‘the essentials’, our core sustainability initiatives which focus on raising sustainability awareness within the Bank, maintaining external partnerships and collaborations, conducting stakeholder engagement and identifying where improvements need to be made across the business units. Throughout ‘core sustainability initiatives’, we aim to ensure continual improvement in terms of creating value for our stakeholders.

Our Corporate Sustainability Strategy: Priority Areas of Focus


Our Key Ambitions
Through our commitment to act as a good corporate citizen, we aim to contribute to the progress of the region.
  The Essentials

Responsible Business Practices
We are committed to building strong performance in responsible business practices across our core operations.
Flagship Programmes Key Focus Areas
1. Future of Energy
We believe that financing the future of sustainable energy offers excellent opportunities for the banking sector, and is also essential for the development of the MENA region. We want to be a regional leader in financing the future of energy and make a real contribution to helping this region meet its own energy challenges.
1. Customers
Treating our customers fairly and lending responsibly
2. Employees
Investing in our employees and providing them with equal opportunities
2. SME Advocacy
We have made a commitment to support the growth and development of the country’s SME sector, helping small and medium enterprises to develop the vital business skills they need for continued growth and success.
3. Suppliers
Supporting our suppliers
4. Communities
Helping our communities and supporting local community initiatives
5. Environment
Reducing our environmental footprint
6. Shareholders
Managing our company through the principles of good corporate governance and transparent reporting

Policy statement

We take a long term view of our business decisions at all times, ensuring that short term actions do not damage our ability to operate successfully into the future. We seek out new opportunities, particularly in the Energy and Small & Medium Enterprises Sectors, through the active management of current and future risks, balancing the needs of people and society, the environment and our profitability, and thereby ensuring the continued success of the Group.

NBAD Green Bond

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