Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance – A subsidiary of National Bank of Abu Dhabi


The Managing Director's Message

The UAE continues to grow in leaps and bounds and this is clearly reflected in the Banking and Finance industry. At ADNIF we believe in the philosophy of ethical services with a clear strategy backed by product innovation, trust and transparency. A 'pure and simple' approach with 'real-time' solution is our key business distinguisher.

We derive our strength from the success of being a subsidiary of one of the safest banks “National Bank of Abu Dhabi”, thereby leveraging brand ADNIF to a higher level when compared to our competitors.

Our core strength lies in a dedicated team of Islamic bankers and financial industry professionals who have a track record of not only structuring numerous successful products and services but have also been instrumental in making flagship brands and healthy portfolios.

ADNIF is positioned on customer-centric ethics that help clients reach their financial dreams. Expansion is planned on many fronts and we will benefit from the sustainable growth of Abu Dhabi and UAE. Our conviction makes us believe that success is definitely possible, for you and us, together.

Fahad Al Shaer
Managing Director


Vision & Mission

  • Vision
    To be the Islamic Finance provider of choice in the region.
  • Mission
    To offer the best Financial Solutions based on the Islamic Principles & Values.
  • Values
    Exceed customer expectations, Commitment, Teamwork, Integrity and Quality.


Board Of Directors

  • Ms. Huda Abdalla Mohamed Abdalla
  • Ms. Rola Abu Manneh
    Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Saher Asaad Arar
  • Mr. Karim Karoui
  • Mr. Arif Ali Shaikh


Shari’a Fatwa and Supervisory Board

  • Dr. Mohammad Daud Bakar
  • Dr. Mohammad A. El Garri
  • Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Qassar


ADNIF Financial Statements


Our Islamic Banking, guided by Shari’a rules and principles, offers a wide range of world-class products and services that address our customer’s needs through Islamic financing and investment modes such as Murabaha, Ijarah and Mudaraba.

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