Project Finance

We originate, structure, fund and execute customised and financing solutions for our clients. Our expertise and capability is ideally suited to large-scale projects under development, including real estate.

We have a strong track record in delivering complex solutions for a number of prestigious clients. We were recently awarded Best Project Finance/Infrastructure Bank in the Banker Middle East Industry Awards.

Our expertise includes:

  • Active collaboration with other local, regional and international financial institutions including ECAs, such as: JBIC, K-EXIM, K-Sure, SACE, IFC, and World Bank
  • Presence in major international cities across Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas
  • Following international standards of origination and execution
  • Lead roles such as Initial Mandated Lead Arranger, Coordinating Bank, Modelling Bank, Documentation Bank
  • Currency and interest rate hedging solutions
  • Monitoring including agency roles such as Facility Agent, Security Trustee, and Account bank (offshore/onshore)
  • Project Cash Management Services

Our products:

  • Term Loan
  • Revolving Facilities
  • Stand by Letter of Credit (Project related)
  • Debt Service Reserve Account LC (Project related)
  • Multi-Currency/Multi-Tranche Facilities

Our financing structure:

  • Non recourse/Limited Recourse Project Finance: PPP, PFI, IWPP, IPP, ECA/ Multilateral backed financing
  • Real Estate & Development Financing: development financing, construction/investment properties financing, asset-backed hybrid financing

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