Onsite Cheque Deposit Service (eClear)

Faster access to cleared funds, through our Onsite Cheque Deposit Services, “eClear”

We offer an onsite cheque scanning service, allowing you to securely scan, authorise and transmit your AED cheques from any location in the UAE, to us for immediate clearing. Through our highly secure eClear application, you can scan the cheques, authorise and transmit for processing; monitor the status of cheques; and download a number of reports.

This process will speed up your cheque clearing cycle and give you faster access to funds, by taking away the need for you to physically deliver the cheques to Our Branches prior to clearing.

eClear Service Benefits

  • Electronically process your AED cheques from any location in the UAE
    - Process your scanned cheques for clearing through our highly secure eClear application from your office or any UAE location
  • Faster access to the collected funds
    - Speed up the cheque clearing cycle as cheque images are sent electronically
  • Access reports and cheque statuses online, anytime, anywhere
    - Online tools available for monitoring the status of cheques transmitted through the eClear application
    - Robust reports available for viewing and/or downloading, in multiple  formats (PDF, CSV)

eClear Features

  • Ability to scan, authorise and send images for all AED cheques, regardless of which bank(s) has issued them
  • Approved/accredited cheque scanning machines will be provided by our Bank for integration into eClear application
  • Cheque scans received by our Bank within our cut-off times will be processed on the same business day, without the need to see the physical cheques at time of receipt
  • Collection of the paid physical cheques from your premises can be arranged or alternatively, you can deliver them to designated our Bank branches in Abu Dhabi and/or Dubai
  • Detailed cheque scanning procedures and training will be provided upon installation

eClear Application

  • Web-based application with 2-factor authentication access, including RSA token
  • User entitlement levels will be ‘administered’ by your authorised personnel
  • Your authorised staff can scan the cheques and encode the mandatory cheque information (e.g. cheque amount,instrument date, etc), including optional cheque reference details (either at cheque instrument or deposit batch level)
  • Have access to cheque-specific reports, including:
    - Cheques processed
    - Cheques returned/rejected with the relevant reasons
    - Historical reports
    - Audit trail report
    - Export the report into PDF or Excel format
  • Ability to monitor cheque status, such as:
    - Received by our Bank
    - Presented to Central Bank (ICCS)
    - Accepted
    - Returned
  • Returned cheques can be re-submitted for clearing without the need to re-scan the actual cheques

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