Payment Services

Our payment solutions can help you effectively manage your domestic and international payment needs. They are tailored to streamline your processes and reduce overall costs, saving you time and money.

Through our secure and easy-to-use banking channels, you can efficiently initiate payment instructions, access timely reports and extract transaction information conveniently 24/7. We offer the following payment services:

  • Bulk Payments
  • Utility Payments
  • Fund Transfer
  • Cheques and Drafts
  • Standing Instructions
  • Domestic Fund Transfer
  • Corporate Card Services
  • International Fund Transfer

Payroll Services

Wages Protection System

We support salary payments through the Wages Protection System (WPS). We can efficiently process your salary payments electronically in compliance with UAE regulations.

Features include:

  • Fully automated service with dedicated help desk
  • Safe and convenient salary payment solution with a single bank transfer
  • Payment in local currency within the UAE Lower cost and no cash handling risk to pay your employees

Salary Payment (Non-WPS)

The Bank can also process your standard salary payment for Non-WPS payroll in local and foreign currencies, within the UAE or anywhere in the world. Salary files can be sent via our electronic channel in bulk with single debit entry pass through your account. Individual entries will be protected and only available to view by restricted users.


Easy for you and your employees

Secure card-based payroll solution, accepted at all Visa and MasterCard merchants throughout the world. Free ATM installation at your company if you apply for a certain minimum number of cards. Fully compliant with the UAE Government’s WPS guidelines.

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