Global Transaction Banking

Our position in the centre of the West-East corridor makes us an ideal partner for corporations looking to capitalise on local and international business opportunities

Secure, seamless and reliable

Channel Management has become a crucial component in the drive for improved efficiency. NBAD’s solutions provide information delivery and transaction initiation for a seamless and flexible interaction between your business and us. Furthermore, our secure framework promotes banking convenience and enhanced reliability and security.


Bank with confidence

Our internet business banking provides a highly secure and accessible way to manage your transactions online and bank around the clock.

NAFURA (Host-to-Host)

Control over your day-to-day banking

NBAD’s Automated File Upload, Retrieval and Approval (NAFURA) channel, is a highly secure web enabled host-to-host system that automates the exchange of information and transactions.


A standardised communication platform

Exchange financial information such as payments, with all your relationship institutions through a single, highly secure, standardised communication platform, as opposed to multiple connections.