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You can get in touch with us, and get product and services support 24/7 from the UAE or abroad

Personal Banking

UAE Helpline:
600 56 6223

International Helpline:

+971 2 6358001

Elite Banking

UAE Helpline:
800 40 000

International Helpline:

+971 2 4103402

Private Banking

Abu Dhabi Office International Helpline: +971 2 6919821

Ratibi Services

UAE Helpline:
6005 222 98  

International Helpline:
+971 2 410 3444


UAE Helpline:
800MOF (800663)

International Helpline:
+971 2 495 1000


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UAE Helpline

600 56 6223

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+971 2 635 8001

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