Engaging with us on Social Media

We welcome you to write to us on social media and we encourage open conversations.

However, there are a few rules we ask you to keep in mind please when chatting to us:

  • Please do not use our social media channels for promoting other social media groups, pages, blogs, websites, video channels, or for collecting votes, likes, points, or anything similar on own and/or third-party pages or websites.
  • Followers on any of our channels are allowed to comment on other users' posts provided they do not do so in order to promote own blog entries, videos, events, offers or promotions. They are not permitted to say anything abusive, offensive or which may cause distress - any such comments will be promptly deleted.
  • Negative posts or comments containing names or detailed descriptions of our employees or branch personnel will be removed. If you wish to raise a complaint about a specific issue or person please send us a private message on Facebook, a direct message on Twitter, or contact our Customer Service line in the UAE on 600 52 5500.
  • Our names, images, brands, trade marks and other materials contained on our social media channels are protected by intellectual property rights. You must not use these materials for any reason without our express consent.
  • All posts should observe etiquette. This means that no posts should in any way be abusive, profane, libellous, discriminatory, offensive, inflammatory or defamatory towards a person(s), entity, belief, symbol or race. Content we deem graphic, obscene, explicit, racial or disparaging in any form or context is not permitted and such posts will be deleted. If offensive posts are repeated, we reserve the right to block or ban the users from our pages and we shall be under no obligation to notify you of such decision.
  • If you disagree with other opinions, we encourage you to do so respectfully.
  • Spam and repetitive posts will also be deleted.

Keep your personal information safe

FAB social media presence is in the public domain and information that you post on any of our social media channels can be seen by anyone, not just us. Keep your information safe – don’t post your or anyone else’s personal or confidential information and never reveal any of your account information (such as your account numbers or card numbers). We will never ask you for this information on social media – if we need you to tell us this information, we will call you directly. If you have posted information we deem potentially sensitive or personal, we may remove your post. This does not mean, however, that other people may not have already seen it.

You are responsible for your posts

Remember that you are responsible for the content you post on FAB social media accounts. You post at your own risk, and FAB takes no responsibility for, nor verifies in any way, comments posted on our social media accounts, or about us in social media. If you act in a way that may cause offence we may remove your post and reserve the right to block you from posting on FAB social media accounts and sites again in the future. FAB is not responsible for any losses or other damage you suffer howsoever caused as a result of use of our social media accounts or sites.

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