Win one of six luxury BMW 7 Series Cars


Deposit AED 25,000 into your account for a chance to drive away with a BMW 7 series car**

  • Get a chance to win one of six luxury BMW 7 Series cars, when you deposit a minimum of AED 25,000 in your existing account**.
  • Every increase of AED 25,000 gives you one entry in the monthly draw, provided the amount is kept till the end of the draw period.
  • The promotion is valid from 26th June 2016 to 25th December 2016. Six draws, one in each month will be conducted.
*Terms and Conditions apply.
For further information, please SMS ‘CARS’ to 2050 or call us on 600 56 6223.
**Customers should hold a Current or Savings Account prior to 24th May 2016 to be eligible for the promotion.

Terms & Conditions

  • Promotional period is from 26th June 2016 to 25th December 2016 (both days included).
  • Only individual customers are eligible for the promotion.
  • Only existing customers are eligible for the promotion. Customers should hold an active CASA account on or before 23rd May 2016.
  • In case of joint accounts, only the primary customer will be eligible for the draw.
  • To be eligible for the prize draw, customers need to grow existing CASA balances by a minimum of AED 25,000 during the promotion period and keep this amount till the end of the period for which draw(s) will be conducted.
  • Each additional growth of AED 25,000 during the promotion period will qualify for one additional entry into the next draw.
  • The maximum number of entries per customer is limited to 20.
  • Increase in funds must be in Current or Savings account only. Funds deposited in Fixed Deposit and Call accounts do not qualify for the promotion.
  • Six draws, one in each month will be conducted during the promotion and one winner will be selected in each draw. The winner of any draw will be excluded from the upcoming draws. The increase in funds will be determined based on the balance at the beginning of the campaign with the balance after completion of monthly intervals.
Month of Transaction Debit Credit Account Balance Balance Increase Draw Eligibility
Begining of the campaign balance     70,000 0  
Month 1   25,000 95,000 25,000 1 entry for draw 1
Month 2   20,000 115,000 45,000  
Month 2 4,000   111,000 41,000 1 entry for draw 2
Month 3   15,000 126,000 56,000 2 entry for draw 3
Month 4 35,000   91,000 21,000 No entries for draw 4
Month 5     91,000 21,000 No entries for draw 5
Month 6 (Campaign end)   7,000 98,000 28,000 1 entry for draw 6
  • FD maturity proceeds and Loan disbursals will not be included while calculating the balance growth
  • Details of the Prize:
    • There are six BMW 7 series cars are available for the draws.
    • Each winner is eligible to win only 1 of the cars.
  • The Bank will fund the cost of the car and accompanying expenses such as registration and insurance for the first year, provided the total cost does not exceed AED 400,000. Any expenses over and above AED 400,000 should be borne by the winner.
  • The Bank’s decision on colour, specifications and model of the car will be final and binding.
  • Those customers eligible to participate in this promotion will not be eligible for any other NBAD campaign running during the period of this promotion. Decision of customer’s eligibility to participate in any campaign will be at the sole discretion of the Bank at all times.
  • The Bank reserves the right at any time to add/modify/vary or cancel all or any of these terms and conditions without prior notice and without any responsibility whatsoever on its part.
  • The winning Customer will be randomly selected through a draw which will be held under the supervision of the Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi. The Bank’s decision in this regard will be final and binding.
  • The wining Customer will be notified by the Bank through their registered address or registered mobile number. The Bank will attempt to reach the customer for a period of 1 month and if the Customer fails to collect the prize or to register the car in his name, the prize will be forfeited and the Bank will not be responsible for paying the cost of the car.
  • NBAD has the right to block the funds transferred to the customer's account in the case of suspicion of any fraudulent activity, money laundering or financial terrorism or terrorist organisation or any compliance related issues.
  • In order to ensure transparency and integrity of the product, NBAD has the right to advertise the winning numbers, winners' names and nationalities of the customers as and when required.
  • NBAD reserves the right to disqualify a customer at any time as a winning customer at its sole discretion and without notice.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the federal laws for the time being in force in the United Arab Emirates as they are applied in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • Any dispute concerning the interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the civil court of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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