FAB At Work

For employees performance that works harder for you!

We are expanding our footprint across key clients in the UAE, supporting them as they expand, facilitating their employees’ on-boarding and financial needs, and contributing to the sustainable growth of economies.

Employee benefits

  1. World class banking experience.
  2. Dedicated relationship management.
  3. State of the art banking through mobile banking app, online banking and phone banking (IVR).
  4. Responsible financial products that support your employees’ needs with tailor-made solutions.
  5. Benefits includes loyalty rewards, shopping, leisure, lifestyle and travel benefits.

Employer benefits

  1. Aligned payroll through fast-track on-boarding.
  2. Focal point for all employee’s banking needs through dedicated relationship managers.
  3. Exclusive banking offering with tailored-made solutions for employees.
  4. Value added benefits through loyalty rewards, shopping, leisure, lifestyle and travel benefits.

Why apply FAB at WORK?

  1. Dedicated teams equipped with re-engineered process that enable new employees to open an account with minimal documentation and fast-track processing.
  2. Tailor-made banking packages with relaxed terms loaded with lifestyle benefits that meet your organisation’s and employees’ needs.
  3. Dedicated relationship managers, a focal point for all your employees' banking needs.
  4. At work support hosted by professional bankers who address your employees financial needs at workplace.

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