Personal Savings Account

Make your money work harder for you

Personal Savings Account

Competitive interest rates every month


  • Earn interest on your account
  • Free lounge access at selected airports
  • Receive a free MasterCard Platinum Debit Card


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International Banking Account Number

The perfect solution to smart savings


  • Salaried, self-employed and non-salaried customers are all eligible
  • Open to UAE Nationals, GCC Nationals, Resident expatriates and non-resident
  • Initial deposit requirement at time of account opening for non-salaried is AED 3,000

Required documents

  • Copy of valid Passport / Visa / Emirates ID (Originals must also be presented)
  • No salary certificate needed unless applying for a credit facility as well

Fees and charges

Savings Accounts Local Currency

Charge Description   Frequency    Value
Minimum Balance monthly AED 3000
Account Monthly Charges   monthly   NIL
Low Balance Charge monthly AED 25 (from 2nd month onwards)  
Account Closure Fee per request
AED 100 (if closed within 1 year); NIL (if closed after 1 year)  
Standing Instructions Establishment Fee per request AED 50  
Payment Execution Fee  
By means of Demand Draft, Payment Order through Central Bank (postage included)   per payment AED 25
By means of SWIFT Transfer in Foreign Currency (plus applicable charges of SWIFT)   per payment AED 15
Within our branches   per payment
Amendment Fee (excl. requests to defer/ postpone payment)   per request
AED 25
Standing Order favoring charity organization within UAE   per payment NIL
Release (Clearance) Letter   per request
AED 50
Statement of Account   per cycle
Free within the agreed cycle, AED 25 outside the cycle  
Teller Charge (A/c to A/c transfer, cash withdrawal, cash deposit, cheque deposit, etc.)   per item 6 free per month, AED 10 afterwards
Utility payment (at branch)   per item AED 10 per transaction  
Manager’s Cheque   per item
AED 30
Debit Card  
Issuing Fee (for primary card)   per item
Issuing Fee (for supplementary card)   per item   Free
Replacement for Lost/ Stolen Card   per item
AED 25
International Transaction Fee   per transaction
2% of transaction amount
Cash withdrawal fees on our  ATMs in UAE   per transaction Free
Cash withdrawal fees on Non-branch ATMs in UAE   per transcation
Withdrawal Fee on GCC Net ATMs   per transaction
AED 6 + 2% of transaction amount as FX Charges
Balance Inquiry on our ATMs in the UAE   per request
Balance Inquiry on Non-branch ATMs in the UAE   per request AED 1
Declined Transaction on Non-branch ATMs in the UAE   per transaction
Balance Inquiry on GCC Net ATMs   per request
Withdrawal on International ATMs   per transaction
AED 15 or 2.5 % of withdrawn amount whichever is higher + 2% of transaction amount as FX Charges 
Uncollected Card destroyed by Bank   per item NIL
Copy of sales slip   per request AED 25


Savings Accounts Foreign Currency

Charge description Frequency Value
Deposit in currency notes other than US$   per deposit
Flat 1% (min AED 10 equivalent)  
Deposit in currency notes US$ upto US$ 5000 in a day   per deposit Free
For amount above US$ 5000   per deposit
Flat 1% (min AED 10 equivalent)  
Withdrawals in currency notes   per withdrawal Flat 1% (min AED 10 equivalent)  
All other transactions (minimum average balance requirement, low balance charge, semi-annual account charges, returned cheque charge, etc.)   per withdrawal Equivalent of Dirham for savings account in local currency rounded up to full currency unit.  


The table above highlights charges and fees that are specific to Personal Savings Account.

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