Buyout Loans

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Buyout Loans from NBAD

Required documents

  • Liability letter
  • Bank statement
  • Property details
  • Salary transfer letter or salary certificate in case of buyout from another bank
  • Copy of valid Passport / Visa / Emirates ID (Originals must also be presented)

Fees and charges

Processing fee 1% of approved loan amount (min. AED 5,000)
Life insurance 0.0365% per month on outstanding loan balance on standard cases
Property insurance 0.05% p.a. on sum assured
Property evaluation fee Between AED 3,000 to AED 8,000
Property management fee 4% of rental amount
Late payment fee 2% of the delayed amount (min. AED 50, max AED 200)
Loan rescheduling fee AED 3,000
Early settlement fees 1% of the amount prepaid/outstanding (Or in case of Buyout a maximum of AED 10,000)
Mortgage Base: Applicable NBAD Mortgage Base Rate (MBR)

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