Aman Takaful and Savings Plan

Invest in a Shari’a compliant plan to grow your wealth and protect your family

Aman Takaful and Savings Plan

The plan offers two benefits – Savings and Protection. Protection is provided by taking a portion of your contribution and putting it into a solidarity fund. The contributors to the fund agree to share the responsibility of the financial risk arising out of the death of a contributor. The remaining portion of the contribution is then invested in Shari’a compliant funds.


  • Minimum contribution from only AED 500 per month
  • Combine the benefits of savings and protection in a Shari’a compliant way
  • Benefit from a unique investment strategy - Dynamic Protection Programme (DPP) that protect you against downward market trends

The term ‘Takaful' comes from the Shari'a principle of 'kafl' or shared responsibility. Takaful’s concepts are thus shared responsibility, collective insurance and mutual undertakings based on Shari’a compliant principles of solidarity, mutual help, brotherhood and cooperation among its members.

Dynamic Protection Programme (DPP) Investment Strategy

DPP is a unique investment strategy offered as an added benefit with the Aman Takaful Savings Plan, for participants taking a plan of 10 years or longer. It is an investment strategy designed to allow you to benefit from the upward trends of the equity markets while offering protection against downward trends.

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Disclaimer: The plans are distributed by the Bank and underwritten by Dubai Islamic Insurance & Re-Insurance Company (Aman). As with most investments, the value of your investments can go down as well as up. It is suggested that you take independent financial advice before investing in the product. The information contained on this web page is intended for general consumer understanding only. The Bank is licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE. Other terms and conditions apply. 

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