Geneva Private Banking

NBAD private Bank (Suisse) SA was launched in 2007 in Geneva. We are the independent, wholly-owned Swiss subsidiary of our Group, regulated by FINMA, the Swiss Banking regulator. We serve two client segments: international private banking clients and wholesale banking clients focused on commodity trading.

Due to its longstanding political stability and tradition of high-quality financial services, Switzerland is well regarded as the leading safe haven of the financial industry, holding around one-third of the world’s wealth. We have leading teams of banking professionals to serve our clients in a manner fully aligned to our core goal: to be the best Arab bank for the Arab world.

Where our clients require it, we can work closely with the Group private banking onshore teams in the UAE and with the Group locations across the globe.

Alternatively we can act independently of the group. In either instance our teams can cater for all your wealth management needs in a confidential and personal way to enable you to consolidate and manage your wealth management needs under our ‘One Bank’ platform.

Please note that the other pages on describe products and services that may not be available through NBAD private Bank (Suisse) SA. Please visit for more information on NBAD Private Bank (Suisse) SA.

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