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Our Egypt Savings Account 12%*

Preferential Rate 12% annually on the Bank in Egypt Savings Account*

Our Egypt Savings Account 12%*

A personal savings account helps you to safeguard your finances whilst benefitting from competitive interest rates on your balance


  • Available for individuals and joint accounts
  • A 12% interest rate per annum on the account in Egyptian pounds
  • Interest is calculated monthly and is added to your account every 6 months

The perfect solution to smart savings


  • For individuals above 21 years of age
  • Egyptians in UAE and UAE nationals
  • Salaried, self-employed and non-salaried customers are eligible

Required documents

For Egyptians or Resident Expatriates:

  • Valid National ID or Passport
  • Work verification document
  • Proof of address

For more details contact our call centre 19977 or visit any branch

Fees and charges


Minimum Amount To open account
Minimum amount for opening current account Individuals: EGP 3,000/- or USD 1,000/- or EQV.
Minimum amount for opening saving account EGP 2,000/- or USD 1,000/- EQV.
Opening Fees (CASA) EGP 30/- for EGP & USD 5/- or EQV. For Foreign A/C
Minimum Balance Fees - Individuals
Balance Falls Below USD 1,000/- or EQV. USD 5/- Monthly
Balance Falls Below EGP 1,000/-For Current A/C EGP 20/- Monthly
Balance Falls Below EGP 2,000/- For Saving A/C EGP 20/- Monthly
Monthly Fees
Local Currency Account EGP 10.00 Monthly
Foreign Currency Account USD 3.00 or EQV. Monthly
Power of Attorney
POA EGP 25/-
Hold Mail
Charges EGP 50/- , USD 10/- , EUR 8/- or GBP



Demand Draft
Issuance (Two Per Mile)
Minimum USD 5/- Max. USD 60/-
Cancellation Free
Stop Payment USD 10 Fees + USD 20 Swift Charges
Manager Cheques
Issuance (Two Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20/- Max. EGP 200/-
Cancellation Free
Stop Payment EGP 50/-
Certified Cheques
Local Currency (Two Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20/- Max. EGP 200/-
Foreign Currency (Two Per Mile)
Minimum USD 5/- Max. USD 50/-
Cheque Book Issuance
Cheque Book - 50 Leaf EGP 100/-
Cheque Book - 25 Leaf EGP 50/-
Cheque Book - 10 Leaf EGP 10/-
Stop Payment of Cheques
For Local Currency EGP 50/- Per cheque or per request only
in case of serial blank cheques lost
For Foreign Currency USD 10/- Per cheque or per request only
in case of serial blank cheques lost


Collection & Clearing

Outward Collection Commission
Local Cheque/Bills within Clearing House EGP 5/- Per Cheque
Local Cheque/Bills Out of Clearing House (Three Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20/- Max. EGP 500/-
Foreign Cheque (Three Per Mile)
Minimum USD 5/- Max. USD 100/-
Outward Returned
Other Bank Cheques/Bills Returned Uncollected Local Currency EGP 10
Other Bank Cheques Returned Uncollected Foreign Currency USD 3/-
Inward Collection Commission
Cheque/Bill in Local Currency (Out of Clearing) (Three Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20/- Max. EGP 350/-
Cheque in Foreign Currency (Three Per Mile)
Minimum USD 5/- Max. USD 100/-
Inward Returned
Cheque/Bill in Local Currency (Our Cheques) EGP 25/- + Mailing Expenses if any
Cheque in Foreign Currency (Our Cheques) USD 10/- + Mailing Expenses if any
Postage & Swift Charges
Postage Inside Egypt EGP 30 For Local Currency & USD 5 for Foreign Currency
Postage Outside Egypt USD 30
Swift Inside Egypt EGP 20
Swift outside Egypt USD 20
Post Dated Cheques
Custody Fees EGP 2/- Per Cheque
Same value date deposit commission to honor inward clearing Cheques – Individuals Accounts ONLY*
Cheques in Local Currency within Clearing House 0.05% per transaction per
day - Minimum of EGP 100
*This commission is collected at the branch receiving the deposit to honor the clearing Cheques pertaining to our Individual Clients ONLY


Remittance & Standing Orders

Inward Transfer
Credit to our Customer A/C Free
Outward Transfer
Transfer Commission - Local Currency (Two Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20- Max. EGP 250/-
Transfer Commission - Foreign Currency (Three Per Mile)
Minimum USD 10- Max. USD 500/-
SWIFT Charges - Local Currency Transfers EGP 20
SWIFT Charges - Foreign Currency Transfers USD 20
Standing Order
Standing Instructions to pay or to transfer EGP 10/- or USD 3/- on each payment + the applied commission & Charges

Saving Account Opening Form

View and download the Saving Account Opening Form

Customer Information Folio

View and download the Customer Information Folio

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