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Personal Savings Account

Make your money work harder for you

Personal Savings Account

A Personal Saving account helps you to safeguard your finances and offers our clients competitive interest rates on their balances in addition to both the convenience and flexibility to execute their banking transactions


  • Interest bearing account
  • Available in EGP, USD, EURO, GBP and AED
  • Flexibility of using the debit card 24/7 at our Egypt's ATMs as well as 123 networks local and overseas ATMs

The perfect solution to smart savings


  • For individuals above 21 years of age
  • Egyptian nationals or resident expats
  • Salaried, self-employed and non-salaried customers are eligible

Required documents

For Egyptians or Resident Expatriates:

  • Valid National ID or Passport
  • Letter of employment
  • Proof of address

For more details contact our call centre 19977 or visit any branch

Fees and charges


Minimum Amount To open account
Minimum amount for opening current account Individuals: EGP 3,000/- or USD 1,000/- or EQV.
Minimum amount for opening saving account EGP 2,000/- or USD 1,000/- EQV.
Opening Fees (CASA) EGP 30/- for EGP & USD 5/- or EQV. For Foreign A/C
Minimum Balance Fees - Individuals
Balance Falls Below USD 1,000/- or EQV. USD 5/- Monthly
Balance Falls Below EGP 1,000/-For Current A/C EGP 20/- Monthly
Balance Falls Below EGP 2,000/- For Saving A/C EGP 20/- Monthly
Monthly Fees
Local Currency Account EGP 10.00 Monthly
Foreign Currency Account USD 3.00 or EQV. Monthly
Power of Attorney
POA EGP 25/-
Hold Mail
Charges EGP 50/- , USD 10/- , EUR 8/- or GBP



Demand Draft
Issuance (Two Per Mile)
Minimum USD 5/- Max. USD 60/-
Cancellation Free
Stop Payment USD 10 Fees + USD 20 Swift Charges
Manager Cheques
Issuance (Two Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20/- Max. EGP 200/-
Cancellation Free
Stop Payment EGP 50/-
Certified Cheques
Local Currency (Two Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20/- Max. EGP 200/-
Foreign Currency (Two Per Mile)
Minimum USD 5/- Max. USD 50/-
Cheque Book Issuance
Cheque Book - 50 Leaf EGP 100/-
Cheque Book - 25 Leaf EGP 50/-
Cheque Book - 10 Leaf EGP 10/-
Stop Payment of Cheques
For Local Currency EGP 50/- Per cheque or per request only
in case of serial blank cheques lost
For Foreign Currency USD 10/- Per cheque or per request only
in case of serial blank cheques lost


Collection & Clearing

Outward Collection Commission
Local Cheque/Bills within Clearing House EGP 5/- Per Cheque
Local Cheque/Bills Out of Clearing House (Three Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20/- Max. EGP 500/-
Foreign Cheque (Three Per Mile)
Minimum USD 5/- Max. USD 100/-
Outward Returned
Other Bank Cheques/Bills Returned Uncollected Local Currency EGP 10
Other Bank Cheques Returned Uncollected Foreign Currency USD 3/-
Inward Collection Commission
Cheque/Bill in Local Currency (Out of Clearing) (Three Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20/- Max. EGP 350/-
Cheque in Foreign Currency (Three Per Mile)
Minimum USD 5/- Max. USD 100/-
Inward Returned
Cheque/Bill in Local Currency (Our Cheques) EGP 25/- + Mailing Expenses if any
Cheque in Foreign Currency (Our Cheques) USD 10/- + Mailing Expenses if any
Postage & Swift Charges
Postage Inside Egypt EGP 30 For Local Currency & USD 5 for Foreign Currency
Postage Outside Egypt USD 30
Swift Inside Egypt EGP 20
Swift outside Egypt USD 20
Post Dated Cheques
Custody Fees EGP 2/- Per Cheque
Same value date deposit commission to honor inward clearing Cheques – Individuals Accounts ONLY*
Cheques in Local Currency within Clearing House 0.05% per transaction per
day - Minimum of EGP 100
*This commission is collected at the branch receiving the deposit to honor the clearing Cheques pertaining to our Individual Clients ONLY


Remittance & Standing Orders

Inward Transfer
Credit to our Customer A/C Free
Outward Transfer
Transfer Commission - Local Currency (Two Per Mile)
Minimum EGP 20- Max. EGP 250/-
Transfer Commission - Foreign Currency (Three Per Mile)
Minimum USD 10- Max. USD 500/-
SWIFT Charges - Local Currency Transfers EGP 20
SWIFT Charges - Foreign Currency Transfers USD 20
Standing Order
Standing Instructions to pay or to transfer EGP 10/- or USD 3/- on each payment + the applied commission & Charges

Saving Account Opening Form

View and download the Saving Account Opening Form

Customer Information Folio

View and download the Customer Information Folio

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