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Our Lifeline Overdrafts provide a flexible revolving line of credit against your Deposits, Treasury bills and Daily Money Market Funds

Be ready for life’s surprises with a Lifeline Overdraft to cover your short-term lending and cash flow needs.

  • Attractive interest rate and simple and easy process

  • Renewed annually

  • Repayments through a Bank account

  • Up to 90% of deposit amount (based on the pledged collateral)

  • Deposit/Treasury Bills/Daily Money Market Funds pledged against Overdraft facility

  • Option to choose between a revolving line of credit and fixed instalments


  • Customers maintaining Deposits, Certificate of Deposits, Treasury Bills and DMMF are eligible for an Overdraft
  • Offered to Egyptians and Expatriates (with a valid residency permit in their passport)

Required documents

  • Lien on the collateral dually filled & signed
  • Valid Identification Card or Passport for residents
  • A valid Residency Visa page for Expats

For a complete list of requirements, please visit your nearest branch or call us on 19977

Fees and charges

OD Limit
Maximum OD Limit Against CD Up to 95% From CD Value For 1st Party
Up to 90% From CD Value For 3rd Party
Maximum OD Limit Against Time Deposit 90% From TD Value 1st Party or 3rd
1st Party Interest Rate 2.00% over TIDE Rate
3rd Party Interest Rate 2.50% over TIDE Rate
Charges & Fees
Highest Debit Balance Commission (HDBC ) (One and Half Per Mile) Monthly
Processing Fees EGP 25
Limit Drop Charges EGP 50
Renewal Charges EGP 20 annually
Stamp Duty (Half Per Mile)
on Highest Debit Balance during Quarter

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