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Platinum Credit Card

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Platinum Credit Card

Our Platinum Credit Card empowers our customers with special opportunities, services and security features designed to make them feel welcome and secure.


  • SMS alert service
  • Credit limit up to EGP 200k
  • Easy Cash up to 60% from credit limit

Our Platinum makes your money work harder so you can enjoy more of life’s little luxuries.


To apply for the Platinum Credit Card, Please Visit your nearest branch or call our 24/7 call-center on 19977 , or send an email to

  • Egyptians and expats with a work permit
  • Secured, salaried and self employed customers
  • Minimum income for salaried applicants (3k for salary transfer & 5k for Non salary transfer) from an approved list of companies

Required documents

  • Income proof document
  • Copy of valid National ID
  • Credit Card Application
  • I-score & Negative list report, Minimum rating of Good

Fees and charges

Fees & Charges Classic Card Gold Card Platinum Card
1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
Issuance &Renewal Fees (Main Card) EGP 100 EGP 200 EGP 500
Issuance & Renewal Fees (Supp.) EGP 40 EGP 50 EGP 150
Replacement Fees (Main Card) EGP 50 EGP 100 EGP 150
Replacement Fees (Supp. Card) EGP 40 EGP 50 EGP 100
Monthly Interest 1.35% 1.60% 1.85% 1.35% 1.60% 1.85% 1.35% 1.60%  
For TD For TD For TD
1.50% 1.50% 1.50%
For CD For CD For CD
Minimum Card Limit EGP 3,000 EGP 10,000 EGP 50,000
Yearly Renewal Period 3
Pin Code Replacement Charges Free
Cash Advance Limit 60% 70%
Cash Advance Charges Locally & Int’l 2 % - Minimum EGP 20 2 % - M i n i m u m EGP 50
Mark Up Commission for FCY 3%
Late Payment Fees EGP 40 EGP 50
Over Limit Fees
EGP 50 EGP 75
Copy of Credit Card Statement
Copy of Transaction Slip Free
Minimum Monthly Payment 5% Min. EGP 50 from O/S Statement amount 10% Min. EGP 100 from
O/S Statement amount
Statement Date 5th of each Month
Payment Due Date Last day of month
Internet Banking Fees Online Free
SMS for Card transaction Free
SMS of Monthly Statement Summary Free
Monthly Life Insurance Fees 0.015% From Closing Balance

1st. Category: Fully Secured
2nd. Category : Against Salary Transfer
3rd. Category: Unsecured

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