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Etihad Guest Infinite Credit Card

Experience new heights in exclusivity with exceptional benefits from Etihad Airways


  • 75% Etihad Guest Miles discount voucher
  • Receive 55,000 Etihad Guest Miles as welcome bonus
  • Up to 7.5 Etihad Guest Miles for every AED 10 spent on a purchase


  • Salary of AED 30,000 per month

Required documents

If your salary is paid into an our bank account, you will need:

  • A completed and signed branch application form
  • A copy of valid passport/visa/Emirates ID (originals must also be presented)
  • A security cheque (this can be a UAE bank cheque from the customer or a dummy cheque provided by us)

If your salary is NOT paid into an our account, you will need following additional documents to the above:

  • Your latest bank statement
  • A salary certificate, pay slip or labour contract
  • Signed Self Certification form

If you’re self-employed, you’ll need:

  • Proof of owner or directorship
  • Power of Attorney if applicable
  • Completed and signed branch application form
  • Copy of valid passport/visa /Emirates ID (Originals must also be presented)
  • Your 3 most recent bank statements for your business and personal accounts
  • Etisalat or Du bill of the company including a copy of a utility bill or statement
  • Security cheque (this can be a UAE bank cheque from the customer or a dummy cheque provided by us)

Fees and charges

Schedule  Fees
Principal Annual Fee   AED 2500 per year  
Supplementary Annual Fee    AED 250 per year
Miles Multiplier Monthly Fee (optional)   AED 250 per month (with minimum sign up period of 2 months)  
Retail Interest Rate* 3.25% per month  
Cash Advance Interest Rate​   3.50% per month​
Cash Advance Limit​   60% of Credit Limit​  
Cash Advance Fee (% of withdrawal amount)​   3% of the amount of cash obtained, with a minimum of AED 100 per transaction​  
International Transaction Charges​   1.95% of transaction value + scheme charges
Choice of Monthly Payment​   5% to 100% of outstanding​  
Minimum Monthly Payment​   5% of outstanding balance or AED 100 (whichever is higher)​  
Late Payment Fees​   AED 275 in any month that the payment is late, or not made, or is less than the minimum amount due​  
Over Limit Fees​   AED 275 in any month that the outstanding balance is greater than the assigned credit limit​  
Balance Transfer   2% processing fee  
Credit Shield​ Plus Charged per month at 0.99% of outstanding
Statement Reprint Charges​   AED 25 per statement​  
Copies of Transaction Slip​ AED 25 per transaction slip​
Cheque Returned Fee​ AED 200​
Card Delivery via Branch​ AED 50​
Card Delivery via Courier​   Free
Grace Period – Retail Purchases​ Up to 56 days on purchases (if amount outstanding is settled in full on or before the due date)​
Grace Period – Cash​ None​
Card Replacement Fee Free
Card Payment at Al Ansari Exchange Free 

*If the outstanding amount is not paid in full on or before the due date, interest will be charged on the amount outstanding from the transaction date. For any queries or billing information simply call us on 600 56 6223, or visit any of our branch. Our Bank reserves the right to change its card pricing at any time.

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