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What sets our Private Banking apart is the flexibility we deliver to our clients in implementing their investment strategies internationally. The UAE onshore platform has offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and provides the full suite of private banking services.

Our international private banking offices offer you access to a diverse range of products, services and expertise that might not be available in other markets.

The Bank has a wholly owned yet independent Swiss Private Bank (NBAD Private Bank (Suisse) SA), which is fully subject to Swiss laws, rules and regulations. Building on the strong affiliations and trade partnerships within the UAE, we also have private banking offices in Paris and Cairo, each with a long history and deep-routed expertise in their markets.

The group is equipped to provide advice on Trust and Offshore Company Services for your family needs. Focusing on wealth protection, preservation, inheritance and estate planning.

Contact our Private Banking team in UAE:
First Abu Dhabi Bank
P.O Box: 4
Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Offices - +971 2 691 9821
Dubai Offices - +971 4 424 5747