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Opening your business to the world

NBAD is open for business in India. Welcome to a whole new world

National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) has opened its doors in India with a dedicated team of trusted advisors offering customised banking solutions to large corporations in India

We are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in opening their company’s doors to the world.Our roots are in Abu Dhabi, and our global network is in 17 countries across 5 continents. With our base at the heart of the West-East corridor*, we have deep regional and industry expertise, and broad experience in global financial markets.

NBAD is ranked as the “Safest Bank in Emerging Markets”** with a rating of AA- or equivalent with all three major credit rating agencies***

Our products and services include:

  • Market Risk Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Project Finance & Advisory
  • Structured Trade Finance

*Area spanning from West Africa to East Asia

**Global Finance magazine, 2015
***Aa3 (Moody’s) / AA- (S&P) / AA- (Fitch) - as of 30th September 2015

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