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Three Fed Rate Hikes Probable in 2017

Interview – Bloomberg TV – 11 January 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, managing director at NBAD Securities, discusses the outlook for U.S. Treasury yields, Federal Reserve monetary policy and Middle East stocks with Bloomberg's Yousef Gamal El-Din and Shery Ahn on "Bloomberg Markets: Middle East."

Mohammed Ali Yasin, Head of NBAD Securities

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GCC Fixed Income Chart Book: FY 2016 Review

09 January 2017

For those of you following GCC bonds and sukuk please find attached our latest quarterly review of these markets. As always we have kept the report text-light and to the point. We hope that you will find it useful.

Chavan Bhogaita, Managing Director and Global Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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A forerunner for the NBAD Investment Outlook 2017

Weekly Investment View - 16 January 2017

The Weekly Investment View summarizes the contents of the imminent ‘NBAD Global Investment Outlook 2017’, an established annual publication for the Bank. The report covers the main asset classes in the light of economic and political factors, as well as references to asset allocation and wealth solutions services provided within GAM. From Donald Trump, to hedge funds, it’s all there.

Claude-Henri Chavanon, NBAD’s Head of Global Asset Management

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Morocco – North Africa’s Star?

Hot Topics - 04 January 2017

With most of the North African region continuing to face severe political and economic challenges, one country in the Maghreb has managed to overcome some of its own domestic issues and markedly outperform its neighbours over the past few years. But after a relatively lacklustre 2016, will Morocco be able to move forward again this year?

Glenn Wepener, Executive Director & Geopolitical Analyst Middle East & Africa

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Mena markets - Setting the stage for 2017

Weekly Equity Comment - 04 January 2017

As we enter 2017 a range of factors such as oil price, dividend yield, Q1 earnings and a positive global backdrop are key to performance of Mena equity markets. For Mena equities I believe that the stage is set for a positive start to 2017 with a global resurgence of interest in equity markets with investor appetite for risk increasing after a volatile and difficult year in 2016. Risks to the the positve equity scenario are present but on balance the merits of increasing equity are strong.

Saleem Khokhar, NBAD's Head of Fund Management

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Interview - Saudi Bond Issuance

Thomson Reuters

Following the recent landmark bond issue by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Chavan Bhogaita talks about the deal, the implications of this transaction, and indeed the broader reforms being considered by the Kingdom

Chavan Bhogaita, NBAD's Global Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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UAE leading the world in renewable energy PPPs

Sustainable Business Perspective – 05 December 2016

COP 22 emphasised the need to accelerate the pace of change in the energy sector, transitioning to a low carbon future. By setting a positive example for the world to follow, the UAE has shown how to do this in renewable energy via Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Nathan Weatherstone, Head of Sustainable Business at NBAD

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