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Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were one of the first people known to have implemented the use of solar energy on a large scale? They designed and built their houses so that the buildings stored up the sun’s heat during the day and then released it at night. Their building techniques not only kept their homes warmer at night, but also helped regulate a cooler temperature indoors on hot days.


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Nigerian Naira – Pressure Building

Hot Topics – 23 February 2017

With rumours of another possible Naira devaluation doing the rounds following the latest foreign exchange policy actions by the Nigerian Central Bank, we discuss the potential effect these changes may have and whether or not they will be enough to restore liquidity and confidence in the local currency.

Glenn Wepener, Executive Director & Geopolitical Analyst Middle East & Africa

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Phone Interview – Insight on Arabtec Shares

Dubai Eye – Interview – 23 February 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, Head of NBAD Securities talked about Arabtec Shares’ recent rollercoaster ride.

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Phone Interview – UAE Market Performance for the day

Al Arabiya TV – 22 February 2017 – ARABIC

Mohammed Ali Yasin, Head of NBAD Securities discusses today’s market performance, focusing on the construction companies and how their current performance is affecting speculators behaviour.

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Equity markets remain upbeat

Weekly Equity Comment – 20 February 2017

Equity markets have started the year well, our flagship Dividend Leader Fund has registered a ytd return of 2.3% as of 16 Feb and our UAE Funds have risen by 2.5% to 3.7% depending on mandate. For global equity markets our favoured geographies are US and India with selective positioning in Europe. Oil prices remain stable despite some recent headwinds.

Saleem Khokhar, NBAD's Head of Fund Management

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Increased equity weightings look sustainable

Weekly Investment View – 20 February 2017

Topics covered this week: Following the usual discussion of the markets, the Report looks in detail at: the ‘Trump week’, US Federal Reserve interest rate expectations, the latest ‘Yellen Watch’ (and US economic statistics), eurozone economic statistics, US and global inflation expectations, and the possible significance of the imminent change to be made in asset allocation at the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund.

Claude-Henri Chavanon, NBAD’s Head of Global Asset Management

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Interview – Performance of UAE Equity Markets

Al Arabiya TV – 08 February 2017 – ARABIC

Mohammed Ali Yasin, Head of NBAD Securities, commented on volatility in the UAE markets, with a focus on GFH. Mr. Yasin also gave his insight on the market’s current performance in general.

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NBAD’s Global Investment Outlook 2017

19 January 2017

This year’s Global Investment Outlook, the third in the GIO series, is optimistic about the outlook for the prices of risk assets this year. The report draws upon the expertise of a range of investment professionals from across NBAD, and reaches conclusions about how portfolios should be positioned.

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The GCC: FAQs and Figures

MENA Economic Reports – 18 January 2017

We are frequently asked questions about the GCC nations and hence we’ve tried to answer some of these through this brief report. It is a quick snapshot of the GCC region with some information that readers will hopefully find useful, especially in terms of putting each of the six countries into context (…)

Market Insights & Strategy - NBAD Global Markets

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