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OIL – Which Way Is Up?

28 September 2016

"Since January this year we have been warning about the growing risk of a potential oil price spike in the near to medium term. As we remain within the minority to hold this somewhat contrarian view we have been asked by some of our clients to clarify the reasons behind our thinking (...)"

Glenn Wepener, Geo-Political Analyst, Middle East & Africa

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The power of partnership and collaborative thinking

Sustainability Letter - 27 September 2016.

"I once attended a sustainability related event where a speaker of some repute gave an interesting speech that pretty much said that if we wanted to resolve the global issue of trying to get everyone to a decent standard of living - he called it the ‘flat-screen’ lifestyle - we would be most effective if we brought the leading global supply-chain experts together to come up with the solution. This has stuck with me (...)"

Belinda Scott, Head of Citizenship and Corporate Sustainability

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Global Central Banks Steady Impetuous Markets

Weekly Investment View - 25 September 2016

Asset valuations across world markets have been galloping ahead throughout the course of the summer. The rises have been above the usual trend witnessed so far this year. Continued global easy money policies have been the culprit. The upward momentum continued even ahead of key Central bank meeting announcements last week in both Japan and the U.S.

Claude-Henri Chavanon, NBAD’s Head of Global Asset Management

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Tunisia Awaiting a Miracle

24 August 2016

Hailed as a success story following the peaceful “Jasmine” revolution of 2011, Tunisia now struggles to replicate its political achievements on the economic front. With unemployment rising and a very youthful population becoming restive, urgent structural reforms are needed but time is running short.

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Other Region and Sector Insights

Regional Challenges Remain

Weekly Equity Comment - 26 September 2016

"Last week’s Fed meeting left rates unchanged but analysing the Fed’s risk assessment of a “roughly balanced” outlook on growth expectations there appeared to be a strong signal of intent to raise rates in December. The Bank of Japan reinforced its commitment to reflation but the final action showed its reluctance to take rates further into negative territory, instead it plans to target the ten-year yield at zero percent".(…)

Saleem Khokhar, NBAD's Head of Fund Management

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Bankruptcy law: expected impact on UAE listed companies

Dubai TV - 07 September 2016 (ARABIC)

(ARABIC) Mohammed Ali Yasin, Head of NBAD Securities commented on UAE markets' trading activity and expectations for the next few sessions. He also discussed the effects of the new UAE bankruptcy Law on UAE listed companies and expectated oil price movements for the next few months.

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