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Did you know that in 1968 there were reportedly only 13 cars in Dubai? By 2015 there were more than 1.4 mio vehicles on the city’s roads. 


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MENA Equities – Positive sentiment after OPEC deal

NBAD Insights Podcast - Episode 02 - December 2016

In the second episode of NBAD’s new podcast, Mohammed Ali Yasin, Head of NBAD Securities explains why stock markets in the region are benefitting from positive sentiment as a result of the recent OPEC deal, fresh liquidity, and the US election's result. In the 'Back to Basics' segment of the podcast, Alain Marckus explains the concept of equities in the context of the Middle East.

Michael Miller, NBAD's Head of Investor, Media & Public Relation
Nathalie Gillet, Editor

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Interview - UAE Market Performance

Al Arabiya TV – 6th December 2016 – ARABIC

Mohammed Ali Yasin , Head of NBAD Securities discusses the performance of UAE markets since the beginning of December 2016 , where the traded values continued to be good , due to positive investor sentiment (ARABIC content).

Mohammed Ali Yasin, Head of NBAD Securities

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UAE leading the world in renewable energy PPPs

Sustainable Business Perspective – 05 December 2016

COP 22 emphasised the need to accelerate the pace of change in the energy sector, transitioning to a low carbon future. By setting a positive example for the world to follow, the UAE has shown how to do this in renewable energy via Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Nathan Weatherstone, Head of Sustainable Business at NBAD

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GCC Fixed Income - There’s No 'G'ulf In Transparency!

Perspective - 23 November 2016

A decade ago, lack of transparency was arguably one of the biggest criticisms of the Gulf bond and sukuk market overall. Today, the gap between the transparency offered by issuers versus that expected by international investors has to a large extent been bridged.

Chavan Bhogaita, Managing Director and Global Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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Consolidation and correction as expected

Weekly Investment View - 04 December 2016

Last week saw markets (with the exception of oil and related assets) consolidate and correct, although arguably in a sensible manner as  investors continued to assimilate a flood of new information – some of which was anticipated, and some that was not (…)

Claude-Henri Chavanon, NBAD’s Head of Global Asset Management

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Daily Market News

Latest Global Market Reports

President Trump & The Middle East

Hot Topics - 16 November 2016

The US presidential election results took most forecasters by surprise. Let’s try and analyse what a Trump administration could mean for the Middle East. Even though much of this will be conjecture until we see the final make-up of his cabinet, there are early indicators worth dissecting.

Glenn Wepener, Executive Director & Geopolitical Analyst Middle East & Africa

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Other Regional and Sector Insights

Treasury Transformation - It’s a Partnership

Global Transaction Banking (GTB) - 09 November 2016

The regulation introduced in the banking industry as a result of the 2008 financial crisis has changed the way banks and companies work together, moving away from a lending and product pricing in isolation. The inclusion of working capital as an area of greater focus has brought the corporate treasurer and their cash management banker closer. (...)

Vishal Virmani, NBAD’s Executive Director of Global Transaction Banking (GTB)

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