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Did you know that the guitar as we know it today, originated from the Arabic oud – a lute with a bent neck? During the Middle Ages, it found its way to Spain, where it was referred to then as the “qitara.”


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The path of least resistance in equities is upwards

Weekly Investment View – 17 September 2017

The S&P500 closed at a new all-time high due partly to firmness in insurance stocks, as it became clear that the total cost of tropical storm Irma is likely to be much less than earlier thought.

Oil prices are looking increasingly solid. Brent firmed as commentators talked optimistically about the improving outlook for demand. We see Brent above $60 early in 2018. If the trend continues, delaying Saudi’s Aramco sale - until 2019 for instance - could benefit the Kingdom.

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Dubai index rose for the sixth consecutive session

Interview – Dubai TV - 13 September 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, CEO of NBAD Securities commented on the UAE stock markets’ performance: improving, though on low volumes, in anticipation of Q3 financial results. He believes that more IPOs in UAE markets, such as Emaar’s and other expected ones in Abu Dhabi, would reopen foreign investors’ appetite for the UAE market. Mr. Yasin also gave his take on the country’s real estate market after visiting Dubai’s ‘Cityscape Global’ exhibition.

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Bahrain prints $3bn deal - Anyone still doubting investor demand?

Hot Topics – 14 September 2017

Bahrain’s successful $3bn three-tranche sovereign transaction shows pretty clearly that there is still substantial investor appetite for GCC paper. FAB’s Market Insights & Strategy team have produced a brief commentary on this deal.

Rakesh Sahu, Analyst – Market Insights & Strategy
Chavan Bhogaita, Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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Bahrain‘s new bond/sukuk combo – a good test of investor appetite?

Hot Topics – 13 September 2017

Following the Kingdom of Bahrain’s announcement of initial price talk for its 3-tranche bond and sukuk transaction, FAB’s Market Insights & Strategy team provides a quick overview of the deal along with some relative value analysis.

Rakesh Sahu, Analyst – Market Insights & Strategy
Chavan Bhogaita, Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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Bullish euro/bearish dollar trend to continue?

The Bigger Picture – 05 September 2017

Investors should not get too excited about short-run cyclical improvements in the Eurozone when the degree of required structural change remains substantial. The dollar has already discounted much Trump-related bad news for the time being, hence could easily bounce from current levels, limiting euro upside. We have revised our expected six-month trading range to $1.1200-1.2500 (from $1.0500-1.1700 previously).

Alain Marckus, FAB’s Director of Investment Strategy - Global Asset Management

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Daily Market News

Latest Global Market Reports

Take Two - Kenya’s Presidential Election To Be Re-run

Hot Topics – 04 September 2017

Markets have begun to reflect growing concerns over the potential for extended political turbulence in Kenya, after the country’s High Court declared the latest Presidential election’s results invalid and ordered fresh elections be held within the next two months, due to ‘illegalities’ around the electronic transmission of paper results. We expect pressure on Kenyan assets to continue in the near term, at least until the poll has been re-run.

Glenn Wepener, Executive Director & Geopolitical Analyst Middle East & Africa

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First Abu Dhabi Bank vs Peer Banks

02 August 2017

In this report FAB’s Market Insights & Strategy team provides a snapshot of how some of the world’s most prominent banks stack up against each other on the basis of some key parameters such as Return on Equity, Capital Adequacy, Credit Ratings, etc. A simple and factual comparison where the charts speak for themselves (...)

Chavan Bhogaita, Head of Market Insights & Strategy, Global Markets, FAB

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Other Regional and Sector Insights

Quiet So Far

Weekly Fixed Income Comment – 18 September 2017

Since the last Weekly towards the end of August it has continued to be a positive environment for bonds and sukuk in global credit markets, including the MENA markets. Many of the stories and themes have continued to be relevant, e.g. North Korea, US politics, the US dollar, good but not great global growth and moderate inflation (...)

Ian Clarke, Head of Fixed Income Fund Management

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