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There are good reasons to remain bullish on US equities

Weekly Investment View – 12 November 2018

Democrats took the House of Representatives but that does not change much for the US market, and FAB continues to be bullish on US stocks.


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First Abu Dhabi Bank vs Peer Banks

FAB vs Peer Banks– 22 October 2018

In this periodic report FAB’s Market Insights & Strategy team analyses how FAB compares versus its main peer banks in the GCC as well as Western and Eastern parts of the world. The report shows how these banks stack up against each other on various factual metrics such as credit ratings, CDS spread, capital adequacy, return on equity, return on assets, etc.

Rakesh Sahu, Analyst, Market Insights & Strategy
Chavan Bhogaita, Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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Wage growth: A clear and present danger

Macro Strategy – 22 October 2018

The prospect of wage growth may figure high in a consumer happiness index, but it could also give central banks the excuse to call an end to the monetary accommodation party and increase the pace of interest rates increase. In this publication we consider the risk that escalating wage growth pressures, fueled by tightening in global labour market conditions, could prove to be a clear and present danger for the outlook for the global rates market.   

Simon Ballard, Exec. Director & Macro Strategist

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GCC Fixed Income Chart Book: 9M 2018

17 October 2018

Our quarterly review of GCC bond and sukuk markets provides a quick snapshot of new issuance, secondary market performance, and some key stories such as the Bahrain sovereign situation - all in a chart book format.

Rakesh Sahu, Analyst, Market Insights & Strategy
Chavan Bhogaita, Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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Ethiopia: An East African ‘Renaissance’ Story

Hot topics –16 October 2018

Ethiopia’s economic growth continues to be impressive and the initial steps taken by the country’s young and energetic Prime Minister have already borne fruit both internally and externally. However some political and economic challenges remain which we discuss within our latest review of the country.

Glenn Wepener
Executive Director & Geopolitical Analyst Middle East & Africa

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Brazil’s own Mr. Trump is on his way to the presidency

The Big Picture –11 October 2018

Brazilians head to the polls again in a few weeks and it looks increasingly likely that a conservative politician with a market-friendly agenda could win. If he does, Brazilian assets could get a boost which may even spill over to other emerging markets.

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Brexit: What next? We try to demystify the polemic

Hot topics –25 September 2018

The Brexit process, or lack thereof, in the U.K. is currently raising more questions among investors than it is answering. What we do know is that the U.K. will exit the EU on March 29th 2019, with or without a ‘deal’. If there is a ‘deal’ then a two year transition period will follow for settling all the minutiae. With the deadline for reaching a deal between Westminster and Brussels – the need to agree terms on the future trading, economic and political relationship between the two regions – becoming ever closer, investors want clarity. In this latest research paper, we attempt to offer some answers to investors’ current concerns and questions over Brexit, as well as to offer some clarity on where the Brexit story and the direction of U.K. risk sentiment may go from here.

Simon Ballard
Executive Director & Macro Strategist, Market Insights & Strategy 

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FAB global macro strategy outlook

INTERVIEW – CNBC TV – 06 September 2018

Global markets seem set to maintain a near-term cautious tone, led by persistent weakness and volatility in EM and Asian risk. With Turkey and Argentina still very much center-stage in terms of investor concerns, thus far though we have seen little evidence of broader contagion. In a recent interview with CNBC, FAB Macro Strategist Simon Ballard discussed the current outlook for global markets and EM in particular and also offered his current analysis of the global trade polemic which is weighing on market sentiment.

Simon Ballard, Executive Director & Macro Strategist

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