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Dynamic Global Economy

Weekly Fixed Income Comment – 21 August 2017

A tough week coming up for the great and the good of the central banks, policymakers and academics, as they make their annual pilgrimage to the green and pleasant lands of Jackson Hole, courtesy of the Kansas City Fed. This year’s symposium, “Fostering a Dynamic Global Economy”, will take place on Thursday and Friday(...)

Ian Clarke, Head of Fixed Income Fund Management

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The Right People Are Staying

Weekly Investment View – 20 August 2017

Irrespective of Trump and after the latest comings and goings in the White House, there is a probability that remaining Republicans and Democrats will work more together.One of the most encouraging things to emerge from the latest FOMC meeting’s conclusions, is that economic growth continued to improve abroad, especially among the ‘advanced foreign economies (AFEs), while the pick-up in advanced-economy demand is contributing to relatively strong growth in China and ‘emerging Asia’. Inflation is also low in most emerging market economies (EMEs), which makes the latter appear as an even more attractive group to global investors(...)

Claude-Henri Chavanon, Head of Products & Services - Wealth & Private Banking

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Interview – UAE Market Performance for the Day

Al Arabiya TV – 20 July 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, the CEO of NBAD Securities
Mohammed Ali Yasin, the CEO of NBAD Securities, commented on companies financial results for Q2/2017 and H1/2017, with a focus on DIB and ENBD banks. According to Mr. Yasin, the momentum in the market will be stronger starting from September, which will positively impact its performance in Q4 this year.

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Strengthening UAE & Mena Markets

Weekly Equity Comment – 17 July 2017

A strong performance from Mena equity markets over the past week with our Mena and UAEequity funds and portfolios registering between 2% and 4% return. Mena equity returns were supported by a stable global backdrop and higher oil prices(...)

Saleem Khokhar, Head of Equities Fund Management

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Interview – ADNOC considers IPO of its distribution unit

Al Arabiya TV – 12 July 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, the CEO of NBAD Securities
Commenting on ADNOC’s potential listing of its distribution unit, Mohammed Ali Yasin, the CEO of NBAD Securities, said that new IPOs in new sectors would add depth to the markets indeed, as well as help strengthen them and improve their performance in the long run. Asked about Etisalat’s pull out of Nigeria, Mr Yasin said that the company’s expansion outside the UAE has had a negative impact on its finances, and that Maroc Telecom could represent the company’s only growth opportunity going forward.

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Interview – No Enthusiasm for Qatari equities

Bloomberg TV – 5 July 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, the CEO of NBAD Securities
Commenting on regional stocks, Mohammed Ali Yasin, the CEO of NBAD Securities, said that he did not see much enthusiasm for Qatari equities at the moment as local and regional investors fear political escalation. But Mr Yasin showed more concern for the bond market than for equities. “Qatari bonds are rated AA. Many banks [in this region] have them on their books.” According to the CEO, the prospect of lower ratings could put pressure on those bonds, especially as they are traded over-the-counter.

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Interview – Emaar to list up to 30% of its UAE property business in Dubai

Al Arabiya TV – 7 june 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, the CEO of NBAD Securities
Comments on Emaar’s plan to list up to 30% of its UAE real-estate business in Dubai, which is expected to have a positive impact on Emaar’s share price in the market. Sales proceeds will be distributed as a special dividend to shareholders. Emaar Properties will keep around 70% of the UAE real-estate business.

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Interview – GCC Markets Going Sideways

Bloomberg – 24 May 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, Chief Executive Officer of NBADS,
While many MENA investors are looking to benefit from the recent deals between Saudi Arabia and the United States, it is still early for them to position themselves, until we know the amounts that will flow into the Saudi economy. Capital markets in order to grow need liquidity to be pumped into them rather than out.
Most GCC indices have been witnessing negative movements for the last three months. A positive catalyst could be the next OPEC meeting in Vienna and an agreement extension to Q1 2018.

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Video: Asset Allocation: The Basics

GIO Videos – 30 March 2017

There are many advantages to investing in a balanced portfolio. An effective asset allocation process can significantly increase the total return, while reducing the volatility of those returns.

Gerardo Amo, Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management

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