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It’s Inflation, Stupid

Weekly Fixed Income Comment – 19 June 2017

Like many of the best sayings, this one (about the economy, not inflation) was never said; well not in this exact form anyway.
We have focused on the economy a lot in the last six months, or more specifically on growth. And growth has been and is fine, from a cyclical perspective. However, last week was another reminder (...)

Ian Clarke, Head of Fixed Income Fund Management

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US Economy Takes the Shine off Equity Markets

Weekly Investment View – 18 June 2017

Equities continued to outperform most other asset classes last week, with the US stock market leading the others. The S&P500 closed up 0.1% over the week, slightly below Tuesday’s all-time closing high of 2,440.35. The NASDAQ Composite closed 0.9% lower over the week, however, reflecting broad weakness in technology stocks (…)

Claude-Henri Chavanon, Head of Products & Services - Wealth & Private Banking

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A volatile week

Weekly Equity Comment – 13 june 2017

It has been a turbulent week in Mena markets and in global markets the technology sector has begun to come under some pressure. We are monitoring both regional and global events and whilst we have reduced our exposure to Qatar significantly we are awaiting further clarity on global technology (...)

Saleem Khokhar, Head of Equities Fund Management

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Interview – Emaar to list up to 30% of its UAE property business in Dubai

Al Arabiya TV – 7 june 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, the CEO of NBAD Securities
Comments on Emaar’s plan to list up to 30% of its UAE real-estate business in Dubai, which is expected to have a positive impact on Emaar’s share price in the market. Sales proceeds will be distributed as a special dividend to shareholders. Emaar Properties will keep around 70% of the UAE real-estate business.

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Interview – GCC Markets Going Sideways

Bloomberg – 24 May 2017

Mohammed Ali Yasin, Chief Executive Officer of NBADS,
While many MENA investors are looking to benefit from the recent deals between Saudi Arabia and the United States, it is still early for them to position themselves, until we know the amounts that will flow into the Saudi economy. Capital markets in order to grow need liquidity to be pumped into them rather than out.
Most GCC indices have been witnessing negative movements for the last three months. A positive catalyst could be the next OPEC meeting in Vienna and an agreement extension to Q1 2018.

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Video: Asset Allocation: The Basics

GIO Videos – 30 March 2017

There are many advantages to investing in a balanced portfolio. An effective asset allocation process can significantly increase the total return, while reducing the volatility of those returns.

Gerardo Amo, Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management

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