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Learning Political Lessons from US Healthcare

Weekly Investment View – 26 March 2017

Following the market overview (covering the run-up to and aftermath of last week’s failed US healthcare vote), we look at the G20 trade talks, recent US healthcare developments, the Asset Allocation Committee increase in the MENA equities overweight, followed by the Investment Summary, containing more detail on policy, and why last week’s US healthcare result changes little.

Claude-Henri Chavanon, NBAD’s Head of Global Asset Management

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Bright Outlook for the US Dollar

The Bigger Picture – 23 March 2017

There are reasons to continue to be bullish about the US dollar, despite current softness, and to see it as a good buying opportunity. Interest rate differentials should help the dollar, and the Trump Administration’s policies are expected to be rolled-out during the course of this year, looking beyond current perceived delays. A materially better, and pro-business environment should result. As NBAD’s recent Global Investment Outlook stated it, this will not happen overnight though.

Alain Marckus, NBAD’s Director of Investment Strategy

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A Cautious Tone

Weekly Equity Comment – 22 March 2017

It has been a turbulent period for MENA recently with oil prices moving lower, however, MENA markets have recovered slightly from recent lows and do offer value. Nonetheless we do anticipate further volatility. Global markets have performed well but yesterday’s move in the US raises a number of concerns, the medium to longer term picture remains intact but we have turned cautious in the very near term (..)

Saleem Khokhar, NBAD's Head of Fund Management

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Interview – UAE Market Performance for the day

Dubai TV – 21 March 2017 – ARABIC

Mohammed Ali Yasin, Head of NBAD Securities reviewed the weak market performance of the day and momentary changes in the next few weeks.

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