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A Quieter Start

Weekly Fixed Income Comment – 13 November 2017

So now we know how the seventh innings started: on a soft note. The regional news centring on Saudi Arabia obviously had an impact on our markets last week but was also a factor in the weaker credit markets that we saw globally, along with focal points in the US high yield markets centred on some of the companies in that universe and outflows from the(...)

Ian Clarke, Head of Fixed Income Fund Management

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Mena Equity Commentary

Weekly Equity Comment – 06 November 2017

The GCC region remains volatile and continues to be impacted on the macro and political front. Last week the IMF updated its regional outlook for the Middle East, although growth concerns remain, IMF forecasts highlight fiscal initiatives with oil break-evens mostly falling. Kuwait remains best positioned in the current environment(...)

Saleem Khokhar, Head of Equities Fund Management

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