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Nigerian Naira – Pressure Building

Hot Topics – 23 February 2017

With rumours of another possible Naira devaluation doing the rounds following the latest foreign exchange policy actions by the Nigerian Central Bank, we discuss the potential effect these changes may have and whether or not they will be enough to restore liquidity and confidence in the local currency.

Glenn Wepener, Executive Director & Geopolitical Analyst Middle East & Africa

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Oil – Which Way Is Up? - 27 September 2016

"Since January this year we have been warning about the growing risk of a potential oil price spike in the near to medium term (...)"

Tunisia Awaiting a Miracle - 24 August 2016

Following the peaceful “Jasmine” revolution of 2011, Tunisia struggles to replicate its political achievements on the economic front.

Turkey: A Bumpy Road Ahead - 25 July 2016

S&P downgraded Turkey further into junk status; Moodys & Fitch have put the country’s ratings under review.

US Elections 2016: Mathematics vs Hype - 19 July 2016

The reason we believe Clinton will win over Donald Trump is based on basic numbers.

Nigeria’s FX Policy: Radio Silence - 1 June 2016

Offshore investors are still waiting for clarity on the recently announced plan to switch to a more “flexible” exchange rate regime. We believe a continuation of the status quo is unlikely.

Saudi Arabia National Transformation Plan - 07 June 2016

The Saudi Council of Economic and Development Affairs approved the National Transformation Plan (NTP), a pivotal element of the Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia: All Change - 10 May 2016

The latest raft of ministerial changes is another step in the direction of diversification. Reforms promised are unprecedented.

Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision – A Snapshot - 26 April 2016

The Kingdom’s “Vision 2030” plan involves a series of major economic and social reforms with ambitious targets

Abu Dhabi – additional steps towards diversification - 13 April 2016

Abu Dhabi authorities have announced additional levies that are likely to generate material incremental revenues for the Government.

Saudi Arabia – The Kingdom Strikes Back - 06 April 2016

Saudi Arabia has substantial assets, financial reserves, and a host of options in its ‘tool kit’ to get through the current challenges.

Egypt - Investors required - 15 March 2016

Egypt’s economy has suffered a severe downturn since the 2011 revolution as foreign investors and tourists deserted the country due to the subsequent social instability (...)

Angola - From boom to bust - 16 February 2016

Africa’s second largest oil producer relies almost entirely on crude oil sales which account for more than 75% of government revenues and 95% of the country’s foreign exchange inflows (...)

Iran's potential oil bonanza - 4 February 2016

There has been a lot of excitement and comment this past year about Iran’s full return to the oil and gas markets as sanctions are lifted and blocked overseas funds released.

Naira on the edge? - 12 January 2016

Nigeria’s Central Bank will no longer sell hard currency to the Bureaux de Change firms and allow commercial banks to resume accepting US dollar deposits.