GCC Fixed Income

Text-light reports on GCC credit rating and GCC fixed income market

The following reports provide an overview/comparison of the credit quality of the main issuers in the GCC region, including comprehensive lists of credit ratings from the three leading rating agencies – Moody’s, S&P and Fitch – to serve as a reference document when dealing with GCC fixed income instruments.
Chart books for the GCC fixed income market provide an overview of the spread performance in this market; Primary Market issuance (and performance of these deals since they were printed); as well as Secondary Market performance of key instruments.

GCC Fixed Income - There’s No 'G'ulf In Transparency!

Perspective - 23 November 2016

A decade ago, lack of transparency was arguably one of the biggest criticisms of the Gulf bond and sukuk market overall. Today, the gap between the transparency offered by issuers versus that expected by international investors has to a large extent been bridged.

Chavan Bhogaita, Managing Director and Global Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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