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NBAD has just published its ‘Global Investment Outlook 2017’, the third in the GIO series. The report provides expert insights and guidance as to the risks and opportunities investors will need to consider in order to successfully navigate the evolving macroeconomic landscape.

Abu Dhabi 19 January 2017
Most of us would agree that 2016 has been a tumultuous year, possibly without equal historically. The year began with market conditions that for more than a few weeks suggested the possibility of a major melt-down in prices of risk assets. However in the months to follow confidence returned and investors bought, rather than sold. The ‘Economic & Investment Outlook’ section of this report discusses the factors that we regard as likely to result in satisfactory-to-good returns in 2017, provided investors apply some sensible tactical moves, and with continued diversification. It wouldn’t take much to begin to go right for business confidence to turn upwards, and for more cash to come off the sidelines.

In essence we are optimistic, and looking to selectively increase equity risk, while at the same time not thinking that the world’s bond markets are now a one-way bearish bet. GIO 2017 concludes with articles explaining the basics of asset allocation, and also the importance of effective succession planning for MENA-based families and assets.

We hope you will enjoy the report – which you can download below – and encourage you to listen to its authors in NBAD’s special podcast episode 03, as well as watch the GIO 2017 related videos below.

Claude Henri Chavanon, NBAD’s Head of Global Asset Management

NBAD’s Global Investment Outlook 2017

19 January 2017

This year’s Global Investment Outlook, the third in the GIO series, is optimistic about the outlook for the prices of risk assets this year. The report draws upon the expertise of a range of investment professionals from across NBAD, and reaches conclusions about how portfolios should be positioned.

Download the Global Investment Outlook 2017

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