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15 Crucial Marketing Tips for SMEs

13 June 2016

“No need to spend millions in marketing,” according to Dr. Constantine “Dino” Kiritsis, a consultant and trainer at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). “You can spend almost zero money and really get across”. Over the past 15 years, he has delivered over 10,000 hours of training and travelled to over 30 countries.

Here is a selection of his most crucial marketing tips to SMEs

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8 things SMEs must know to be “bankable”

15 May 2016

Securing a bank loan is not always easy for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and even more so during challenging times. Although they account for 94% of all companies in the UAE, bank lending to these firms represents only 4% of total loans and out of a total of 300,000 SMEs, less than one third are considered eligible for banking services.

Here are 8 tips to SMEs to help them become more bankable

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Supply chain finance – untapped opportunities for SMEs

Opinion – 25 January 2017

Small businesses can optimise the management of their working capital and cash, via supply chain finance solutions that are now offered in the market to their larger clients.

Anirudha Panse, NBAD’s Head of Trade Finance Products

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Should SMEs not try to get bank loans?

Nilanjan Ray, NBAD Managing Director of Global Commercial Banking - Dubai Eye, 19 May 2016

"Dubai is a trading hub. Banks can also offer trade finance, letters of credit, a guarantee, a forfeiting, a factoring, a foreign exchange forward, etc. It's not just all about cash loans (...)"

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SME Academy

SMEs: No Rags to Riches without training

15 October 2015

“There was a time when one could start with a good idea at the right place at the right time. Those days are gone”. That is how Mohamed Mahari, a Corporate Credit trainer at Moody’s, started the first training session of the SME Academy in Abu Dhabi in front of about 35 SME owners last September in Abu Dhabi.

Having the right skills has become crucial, hence the launch this year of a series of free workshops dedicated to SMEs.

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