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Get up-to-date market information, analysis and insights on UAE, GCC and MENA markets from NBAD’s leading experts, and learn about various investment concepts and aspects with NBAD’s Podcast, launched in November 2016.

NBAD Insights Podcast is a programme broadcast from Abu Dhabi every month, and hosted by Michael Miller, NBAD’s Head of Investor, Media and Public Relations, and Nathalie Gillet, Editor at Group Marcom, NBAD’s Marketing and Communications team.

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NBAD Insights Podcast

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MENA Stocks - Signs of an improving economy / Back to Basics on ‘Asset Allocation’

NBAD Insights Podcast – 20 April 2017

In this episode, Mohammed Ali Yasin, the CEO of NBAD Securities, gives his forecast on the region’s stock markets, and comments on expected IPOs - including Saudi Arabia’s Aramco. According to him, investors’ sentiment is improving and will continue to do so later this year.
In the ‘Back to Basics’ segment Gerardo Amo, the Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management at NBAD Private Bank (Suisse) explains why it is important to keep a balanced portfolio via ‘Asset Allocation’.

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