NBAD Insights Podcast 03 - January 2017

To begin 2017 NBAD's Podcast episode 03 looks into the year ahead from an investor’s perspective, with the help of key authors of NBAD’s Global Investment Outlook 2017. The episode provides expert insights and guidance as to the risks and opportunities investors in the MENA region will need to consider in order to successfully navigate the evolving macroeconomic landscape. 

  • Presentation of the GIO and Asset Management trends - Claude-Henri Chavanon, Head of Global Asset Management
  • General Outlook 2017 across asset classes - Alain Marckus, NBAD’s Director of Investment Strategy
  • Thematic overview:
    • Oil Forecasts and Challenges with Glenn Wepener, NBAD’s Executive Director of Market Insights and Strategy
    • Real Estate opportunities - Andrew styles, NBAD’s Director of Real Estate and Family Conglomerates
    • Rates and Currencies - ‎ Craig Tredgett, NBAD’s Head of G10 FX & Rates (Global Markets)

    This episode is hosted by Michael Miller (NBAD's Head of Investor, Media & Public Relation) and Nathalie Gillet (Editor)


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NBAD’s Global Investment Outlook 2017

19 January 2017

This year’s Global Investment Outlook, the third in the GIO series, is optimistic about the outlook for the prices of risk assets this year. The report draws upon the expertise of a range of investment professionals from across NBAD, and reaches conclusions about how portfolios should be positioned.

Download the Global Investment Outlook 2017

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