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Global Transaction Banking

Our position in the centre of the West-East corridor makes us an ideal partner for corporations looking to capitalise on local and international business opportunities

Your strategic financial banking partner

FAB is a strong partner for financial institutions across the West-East corridor and has a long history of excellent relationships with banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs).

With a team of highly experienced coverage bankers and top class product specialists across our international network, we bring an array of trade solutions to suit the needs of our financial institution clients.

Clearing services

Connect through us for your local clearing needs

Whether you are a global bank or a bank with a domestic focus, our simplified clearing process with a dedicated service team every step of the way, will make a profound difference to how you do business in the region. We can provide you with an effective and controlled approach to transact, with a highly satisfactory STP rate.

Bank-to-bank payment services

Payments received are processed immediately and cleared for good value. All book transfers are processed on a real-time basis with no human intervention. In cases where the beneficiary maintains an account with another bank, the relevant payment is processed via industry controlled RTGS.

Commercial payment services

We process payments for all commercial services on the same day, provided we receive payment instructions before the relevant cut-off time. Our payment flows are consolidated with the beneficiary bank to ensure timely processing. We accept commercial payments in all major currencies relevant to beneficiary accounts in the region.

Trade Services

We offer a range of key trade solutions including:

  • Letter of Guarantees
  • Banker’s Acceptance
  • Post Shipment Financing
  • Letter of Credit Confirmation
  • Letter of Credit Advising/Negotiation

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