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Payroll Services – Ratibi

Make life convenient for your employees by depositing payroll salaries on our Ratibi Card


Transform your business and discover the benefits of Ratibi

Ratibi Features


• Free usage of all NBAD ATMs, the largest network in the UAE
• Free Personal accident insurance
• No minimum balance requirement
• No monthly charges for cardholders
• Card enabled for all ATMs, in-store payments and online
• Card enabled for usage within UAE and internationally
• Customer support through call centre operated 24/7

Transform your business and discover the benefits of Ratibi

Employee benefits

  • Employees receive their salary on Ratibi Card
  • No monthly charges or minimum balance required
  • Use at all VISA/MasterCard merchants, ATMs and online purchases, inside and outside UAE
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance up to AED 25,000 in case of death or in-patient hospital care

Employer benefits

  • This is a direct stress free salary payment service
  • Ratibi securely transfers salaries from the company’s corporate account to employees' Ratibi Cards
  • Confidence in the service as Ratibi is compliant with all UAE government regulations

Policy and Procedures guide

  • As an employer, you should hold a NBAD Corporate Account for issuing Ratibi cards
  • You will need to update NBAD with each cardholder's mobile phone number
  • We advise that employers communicate to the employees the security issues associated with employees’ cards
  • Cards captured by any NBAD ATMs must be reported by the cardholder and you must inform the Ratibi Unit within 24hrs of capture to collect the card back from any NBAD branch
  • For cards captured by non-NBAD ATMs – they will be destroyed by the receiving bank and the employer must apply for a new card in the name of the employee


Ratibi is a salary payroll solution designed to payout the salaries of your employees who earn up to AED 5,000. These employees will receive their salaries on their Ratibi cards without the need of having a bank account.

Free insurance
Your staff will be covered for permanent disability, death or repatriation of remains and hospital cash benefits:

  • Covers all employees aged between 18 and 64
  • Insured for five times their monthly salary (up to AED 25,000)
  • Benefits include 100% of insured for death by accident or permanent total disability, plus a hospital cash benefit in case of injury for periods ranging from 1-30 days at AED 50 per day, with a maximum of AED 1,500; mortal remains will be repatriated for a maximum sum of AED 5,000

Wages Protection System (WPS)
The Wages Protection System (WPS) is an electronic Salary Transfer System that allows companies to pay the salaries of their employees electronically as required under local UAE law.

Features include:

  • Safe and convenient salary payment solution with a single bank transfer
  • Lower cost and no cash handling risk to pay your employees
  • Fully automated service with dedicated help desk


Who can apply?

  • The cardholder must be residing in UAE
  • Applicable only for active cards (cards which are not loaded for more than three months will not be covered)
  • Only cardholders with complete and up to date details will be accepted


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